For more than 7 years of consistently working IT team, named “, returns to the market with a new force. Yes, it is us – at night working programmers and analyst that finds the logic of the biggest chaos..

Why a new force only after 7 years?

In the beginning we were looking for customers who could trust us, the IT market newcomers. Search has been difficult, but consistent. Little by little, by growing customer base, we decided to look for partners. We were looking for partners with whom we could enter into the public sector and participate in the public IT competitions.

« The hard work was crowned by winning a long-term project »

Now it is difficult to assess whether it was a success or a result of purposeful work. However, we have found a very reliable partners and we started to look broadly. We participated in public IT tenders. We worked without fear of challenges and fairly quickly we overtook experienced competitor. Then we won a few competitions. The hard work was crowned by winning a long-term project.

Long work gave great results

The project we won consists of 4 parts:

  1. Public institution’s internal work system development and validation;
  2. Public institution’s working groups performance measurement system development;
  3. System validation in Republic registers list;
  4. Websites with customer self-creation.

By doing this project, we gained a lot of new knowledge and meet interesting people. After 5 years of hard work we have completed the work.

The result was stunning – we have created a system of 18 modules for work and analysis. The system has been validated as a Republican register. The client successfully reformed their activities and are now working much more efficiently.

Within 2 years – H2H system to the private sector

Excellent knowledge of business needs and long-term project experience opened our eyes. We started to look to international IT companies and their productions. We wanted to be similar to large multinational companies.

« We introduced a prototype of new H2H system for several potential customers, and the rejection rate was very low »

However launched the well-known systems analysis failed us. All the analyzed system was developed on the basis of 3 types: B2B, B2C and C2C.

Knowing that small businesses do not disappear just because of its content of active employees – we began to think about how to create a system that has a human-human (H2H) principle.

The last 2 years we read literature, participated in trainings and seminars to deepen the knowledge of management. New knowledge we used in practice, and we created a prototype of the new system. We introduced a prototype of new H2H system for several potential customers, and the rejection rate was very low. Therefore, we decided to develop our own H2H system and return to the private sector.

A new approach to business management systems

Main purpose of our H2H business management system – less work with greater results. Therefore, the system has 5 modules and efficient employee communication tool (Multi-Chat). The modules accounted for information about:

  1. Projects, Tasks and Time tracking tools;
  2. Customers, products and services (ERP);
  3. Documents management system;
  4. Self-service and customer applications;
  5. The company’s employees and their activities.

These modules are sufficient to allow the company to analyze the results intelligently. Employee actions are stored in the system’s history. Replacement of the information is recorded with a lot of detail. All items can be combined with each other. This creates a perfect environment to create a performance analysis charts and make them available to you in a convenient form.