Customers are the greatest asset in business. It is important to timely respond to customer questions and new needs. Timely reply or service can be a very valuable project start.

Major ERP functionalities

Plan events
with clients
and partners
Help understand
the needs
of clients
Timely inform
about payments
and debts
Share information
and event history

Every business is unique

We have a common ERP modules. Then we apply the modules to your business processes.

Because the ERP is implemented, when dealing with business management problems – before assessing the cost of installation, we analyze your real needs.

Needs analysis stage

We all are dealing with a large amount of information. During the analysis stage, we will recognize the information that has the greatest value to your business. Also, we will create your business process maps.

Once we will agree on the most important your business processes – we will offer the best information management solutions.


ERP installing stage

When you install the ERP system – workers’ resistance is a natural reaction to changes. Do not be afraid resistance. Do not fight with the workers.

During installation, the most important to create the right psychological environment. Select the highest opponent and make him administrator.

Unable to install the ERP in your business?

You’ve already tried to install the ERP and repeatedly failed? Don’t give up and call us.

Statistics relentlesssmall and medium-sized companies ERP installs only after 4-7 attempts.