H2H is an IT system future, which already come

Until now, we knew concepts such as B2B, B2C and C2C. However, the time has come to understand that the business is no longer a legal and physical entity. In business, people are now providing services and goods to people. It has a new shortcutH2H.

Therefore, all of the computers and programs need to act not for business, but as part of the business. We offer a computer program that is self-employed in your business and creating additional knowledge, results and revenue.

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Projects and TasksIn business, the key is to make money. Often the income is limited by the time taken for the committed tasks. Therefore, task scheduling and time measurement is a very important part of business.

Our Projects and Tasks management system is provided with:

  • 90 days Trial
  • Unlimited Data Transfer
  • Lot of analysis tools
  • Wide Support options
  • Other inovative things!
ERP for real lifeOur system allows you to keep in mind about the current and future customers. Also, our system helps to more accurately predict what your customers need.

You are important and very bussy person. Let our ERP system help for you and your team with:

  • Event planning
  • Merchandising
  • Additional sales
  • New client search
  • In many other daily events
Documents management systemEveryday business creates a lot of different documents. Some of them are of low value. Many documents describe the working relationship between the entities. Other documents are an integral part of the legal regulation.

But stop and think – where is your business documents? How quickly you can find them, cite and share? Is the secret documents in your drawer or cabinet is safe?

If there is at least one uncertainty – buy our system. This is useful.

HelpDesk for Your ClientsWe all have clients who need your help. Some customers are looking for help writing letters. Other customers calling by phone.

We propose to take a new step in Your business – Integrate customer self-service system. This will be useful for you and your clients, because:

  • All questions will be saved in one place;
  • It will be easier to meet SLA commitments;
  • You will be able to plan customer service time;
  • Build a strong long-term relationship with existing customers and more.