Dinosaurs disappeared because of changes to the environment in which they lived. IT systems, which do not respond to the computer screen size, also soon disappear. Their places will take a dynamic IT systems.

Screen size refers to the environment in which You are

In office you usually use the big screen. The large screen is difficult. It is uncomfortable to wear. However, the big screen, you can see a lot of information. Therefore, its location is Office. The purpose – reading a lot of information.

As we know and understand – we create systems and think about the information that you need. We think about the links between information. We are looking for convenient ways of presenting information.

You are dynamic. You are driving to meetings. You also dined with customers and partners. You take part in training and conferences. Probably always you have a laptop computer or planchette with medium-sized screen.

Knowing that at the time when you are using a medium-sized screen, you have a little time – we create systems that are able to assess this. Our system of medium-sized screens provide summary information about the current situation and allows you to perform basic operations.

Mobile devices frequently use calls and entertainment. However, it can be used more productively. If you are using our systems – by looking at the small screen for a few seconds to realize that the business was going well. You will understand if there are problems. You’ll know what problems need to be solved immediately.