Business information represents the actual results and allows to predict future sales. Part of the information we can get measuring results. The other part is we know from experience. However, misunderstandings and inaccuracies arise when trying to measure the team’s performance.

Daily work performance

Every day we face the challenges, which we did not plan yesterday. This is normal and inevitable. Some companies have less unplanned work, while other companies are working without being able to plan the day. 

However, all are faced with difficulties, when the working day is tense and the abundance of unplanned work does not fit into any schedule.

We can not adjust your work schedule. However, we can provide the tools to help you quickly understand the current amount of work, priorities and statuses.

Our system has 3 types of work planning and execution modes:

  1. To-do list. This type is a great tool for controlling the work for which priority is not important, performance.
  2. Tasks-board. This method is ideal for teams whose work is being done according to the priorities.
  3. Gant Chart. Project managers understand and appreciate the work planning in Gant charts as the most effective time control mechanism.

You can choose the best suitable and appealing way. If you do not know which method is best for you – give us a call. We will advise and help you to choose one (or maybe more than one in different situations).

Long-time work team productivity

Measure team performance is possible only if you know the exact results of the work. However, the same results, measured on the basis of different characteristics in different environments means individual indicators.

By default, to correctly assess your own or team work performance – you have to create an accurate analysis strategy and use it consistently. Minimum analytical process deviation can strongly influence the final results of the analysis. As a result, you can get a false assessment of the situation and a bad plan for future sales.

However, we know how to avoid misunderstandings. Our system operates on a long-term work performance measurement tools. The system will perform historical analysis of the data and present the results. Analysis will be carried out automatically, so the results will always be calculated the same way. When the analysis will be done without the possibility of human error – the plans will become more accurate and more consistent.

Individual reports according to your needs

In the system we are able to create individual reports in PDF format. Give us a reports that you are using now, and soon they will be generated automatically.

The average report creation price is 250,